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What We Do:

London Landscape Nursery Inc. grows all of our material at our nursery in Jackson County, Michigan. We have loam to sandy loam soil type which produces a nice full root system and a good quality root ball. Our material is grown with drip irrigation and fertigation to further enhance the root system as well as allowing us to thoroughly water the material prior to digging. Our material is grown for landscape use, we are not a Christmas tree grower, as such that we do not fully sheer our trees every year. This allows for a more open and natural look to our material.


London Landscape Nursery Inc. offers two grades of material: 1) Regular/Landscape/#1 Grade, these trees have a nice density and central leader and have been pruned to control leader growth as well as some lateral pruning/shearing to enhance density and correct and openings that may occur. This we feel produces a nice plant that most of our customers find perfect for both commercial and residential landscapes both as individual tree plantings as well as for screening and large perimeter plantings. They also are well suited for resale both as retail and re-wholesale material. 2) Highway Grade, this material has only had pruning to maintain a single central leader, this produces a more open and natural plant that some of our customers prefer or require for MDOT or other municipal projects as well as for reclamation or perimeter screening projects.


London Landscape Nursery Inc. sizes and material to meet and or exceed industry standards. Our material is sized by height and on the evergreen is measured from the ground to the base of the upper most whorl at the leader, not ½ way up the leader from the tips of the whorl as standards suggest. This results in our material consistently being at least a half size larger than most of our competitors. Our clump birch are measured from the ground to the top of the shortest stem and have a minimum of 3 stems per clump.

Root ball:

London Landscape Nursery Inc. machine digs all of our material. Material is placed in a heavy gauge wire basket with an outer 10oz layer of treated burlap and a 2nd inner layer of natural burlap, which helps prevent tearing and holes once dug material is handled and stored at your location or jobsite. Material is secured tightly in the basket with heavy natural sisal rope and the wire baskets are crimped using pigtail crimps. We also use hog rings not pinning nails to secure the burlap. Our root balls are sized larger than standards. We do this to help allow for quicker establishment in the landscape and to help ensure the highest possible survival rates.

Crop Protection:

London Landscape Nursery Inc. uses a combination of pre and post emergent herbicides and cultural practices to reduce weed competition in and around our production areas. WE have implemented an aggressive IPM strategy with a focus on prevention with regards to both fungal pathogens and insect pests. We feel that as a smaller producer this allows us to produce the best possible plants for our customers.

Field Tagging:

London Landscape Nursery Inc,. welcomes all of our customers to join us in our growing fields to both inspect and tag the material they wish to purchase. We feel that this helps ensure that there are “no surprises" when you receive your order. For those customers unable to join us in the field we will be more than happy to tag your orders for you. Call us today to let us know what your plant needs may be.

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